A Royal Pain

By AG Moore    April 29

Okay, the silliness is over.  I did catch a glimpse of the couple as they exchanged vows.  This process looked more like the sealing of a business contract than the culmination of a storied romance.

The news outlets embarrassed themselves with hyperbolic coverage. Between the birth certificate farce and the royal pandering, I was forced to seek refuge on the Home Shopping Network, which is always good for inducing a refreshing nap.

The other night I slept over at a house where both the television and computer were broken. Wonder of wonders, I rediscovered the radio.  This was better than the Home Shopping Network.  I listened to some low volume music as I read a dusty novel.  When I woke in the morning the novel was at my side and the radio had turned itself off.

If the gossip hounds who hawk pseudo news on television are not careful, I may decide to avoid their clamor altogether.  I’ll turn on my radio and digest information the old way – wait for it to come out in print and elide the nonsense sections by simply ignoring them.

Isn’t It Exciting???

By AG Moore    April 28, 2011
I’ve just heard that CNN will begin their coverage of THE EVENT tomorrow morning at 4:00 A.M.  so I am rushing to set my clock because it would be terrible if I forgot and missed one minute of  this once-in-a-lifetime ceremony though come to think of it there was another ceremony a lot like it that happened in my lifetime also and even long before that, as I recall, the grandmother of the present groom also celebrated a similar occasion so maybe this isn’t such a unique occasion but I am really excited anyway and I don’t want to hear anything from you bad sports who think that people shouldn’t have a little bit of glamour in their lives, even if they get that glamour vicariously and it is spoon fed to them by satellite and will cost who-knows-how-much in security details and other things.

And this reminds me of that time Ronald Reagan was inaugurated and all those spoil sports complained about the extravagance of his inauguration and the china his wife bought and all those other goodies that made the people of this country feel they had elected someone really special, not like that party pooper Carter who put on airs by walking down Pennsylvania Avenue and wearing sweaters like the rest of us needed some kind of example of thrift in order to get the idea that maybe the country needed to cut back on oil consumption and maybe practice a little more self control and concentrate on what is important but who does he think he is, leading by example, like some kind of preacher, even though  he was a Sunday school teacher, I like my leaders to have a little style so when I turn on the TV I can feel good about myself.

What?  Hold on, that’s my wife – she’s trying to say something.  She just filled up the car – says we’ll have to sell one of the kids if this keeps up.  She’s funny.

Anyway, as I was saying, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

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