Hurricane Sandy

By Nissa November 11, 2012

One sunny day my Mom and I were watching the NEWS. The people that were on the NEWS said,”Hurricane Sandy is heading to Long Island”. When Hurricane Sandy went to Long Island where I live, it was a really, really wild storm. When Hurricane Sandy came by my house, my Mom, my dogs and I (but not the cats) went down into the basement. We did not have power for eight days—that’s true—and my grandma did not have power for eleven days.

So, we had lots of flashlights and my uncle said not to use candles because they could burn the whole house down. So, my Mom didn’t listen. She only put up one candle and she was very careful with it.

We ate strawberry K Bars. That’s the only thing we ate. It was really hard because we didn’t have electricity.

After Hurricane Sandy there was a snow storm.

Rose The Engine Cat
by Nissa

Rose is a cute kitten.
She is a fuzzy kitten.
Rose came from a car’s engine.      Rose’ s paw is hurt from the engine.
The end

My Grandma’s Birthday

On a Spring day it was my Grandma’s
birthday.  My Mom and I went to the movies
and saw Rango.  It was funny.  We went
back home and gave Oma her presents.
Then she left.  I played my video game at
8:30.  Then I went to bed at 9:00 in my
house. I was so excited.

The Pumpkin Patch

My uncle bought me a pumpkin.
I carved the pumpkin.
I made a pumpkin pie.
I cooked it in the oven.
It was good!
I got it from my uncle and the pumpkin patch.
I was happy
When my uncle gave me my pumpkin.

Hands Hands Hands
  by Nissa

Hands – hands – hands,
Hands hands, hands!

Lily Pads
June, 2012

Lady Farmer



Me Nissa

Nissa’s Corner

Nissa’s Corner
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Create Link Rosie with Her Injured Leg, As Drawn by Nissa

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