Olin Levi Warner

 By A. G. Moore  6/9

This bas-relief allegorical representation of Truth stands at the main doorway to the Jefferson Building in the Library of Congress. It was sculpted by the artist Olin Warner (1844 – 1896), who is credited with popularizing bas-relief in the U.S.

While his work is currently well regarded, in his lifetime Warner met with little commercial success.  Today  his work can be found on the facade of the Brooklyn Historical Society building, on the Boston Commons, in Portland Oregon (the Skidmore Fountain) and in locales across the country.

Warner was completing his commission to sculpt two doors and three tympanums (from which the Truth bas-relief is taken) when he died suddenly in a bicycle accident. He had finished the tympanums and one door before his death; the rest of his assignment was completed by Herbert Adams.
Statue of William Lloyd Garrison on the Boston Commons

Statue of Charles Devens on the Esplanade in Boston, Massachusetts

Olin Levi Warner in His Studio, 1874

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