Today May Be Your Tomorrow

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My New Adventure

By A. G. Moore


A little less than a year ago I embarked on a new endeavor.  This undertaking was less about ambition than it was about awareness of fleeting opportunity.

Readers of this site know I’ve had lupus for about twenty-five years.  Like most people who negotiate a bout of serious illness, I gained valuable insight from the experience: time is a gift of the present, not the future. At any moment the future may be snatched away. So I use the present, every moment of it, as fully as ability and physical setting allow.

My latest adventure is a joint project with my daughter.  This collaboration is enormously satisfying, as is the work itself.  I volunteered to write books for my daughter’s fledgling business.  Her company, Rhythm Prism Publishing, produces books that enrich and educate people of various ages. The ideas for the books are mine; there are no other writers on staff.

So far, we’ve put out ten books; six of these are educational books for children.  Topics are chosen very carefully. These are not narrow in focus but lend context to world events.  There are biographies of Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale, Jonas Salk and Rabindranath Tagore.  There is a book on radioactivity and one remarkably brief discussion of the modern British Empire. Two writing manuals and a companion teacher’s guide are also available.

I love to write, so it is not surprising that I share this love.  Not only are there writing manuals for children, but there are two guides to writing designed for adults who would like to put together a record of their lives.

My only compensation for all this writing is the benefit it may give my daughter and the great pleasure I get from the activity itself.  I don’t know when I will write my last blog, or my last book.  Whenever that is, I won’t be taken by surprise.  My future will not be snatched from me because I’m living it right now.