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Mercy and Truth, from the  The Peterborough Psalter, 1214-1222
mercy and truth Peterborough_Psalter_c_1220-25_Mercy_and_Truth_detail.jpg

Today May Be Your Tomorrow


Niels Bohr and the Atomic Bomb


Cancer Risk and Exposure to Radioactive Material


Helps Kids Avoid the ‘Summer Slide’    


Why I Blog,  


LFTR: A Better Nuclear?


A Free Tibet


Defying a New Feudalism In The Information Age


Kim Jong-un, Crazy or Wily?   


Autism and Belief


The Uyghurs of Xinjiang  


A Starving Beast Consumes Its Own:Occupy Wall Street Bites Back  


Crimea’s Trail of Tears


Zuccotti Park/Occupy Wall Street

Waiting For…

A Culture of Abuse and Indifference

Vanity Fair’s Illegitimacy

Moral Outrage, Vandalism or Nationalism

U. S. Heathrow Tantrum: David Miranda Detained by Obama’s British Surrogates,

TPP Tiptoes into Town,  

Rand, Lawrence and Nietzsche: The Cult of Self,   

Time for the Citizen Politician,

Radcliffe Saddler and Tears that Shame All of Us,   

Tarantino Picaresco,

Matt Taibbi and Prison Rape,        

Syria: No Rush to War

Syria: War is the Servant of No One ,

Susan Boyle’s Autism,  

Suppressing the Roused Giant: The Primal Scream of Occupy Wall Street,  

Stop and Frisk on Trial,   

Speak Up for Chimps,  

Somebody Else Made It Happen,   

Hurricane Sandy

Social Security Chicanery,  

Snowden and Freedom,

Shooter Goes Free,

Sexual Politics, 2011,

Seignior Romney,

The Seeds of Decline,


Science and Psychiatry,  

Execution Deferred


Schizophrenic Conservatism,

Ryan’s Threshold,  

A Royal Pain,   

Rosie Beats the Odds,

Ron Paul: An Honorable Man,

Romney’s Cadre,

Elizabeth Bowen,   

Requiescat:  Has the ACA Killed Universal Health Care?,Regina Sonenklare,Ramarley Graham,

Rachel Jeantel Speaks: Community and Language,

Online Poker: Republican Platform,

Essay and Poetry,    

A Bit of Carbon Spinning Thoughtlessly Through Space,

PETA’s Culture of Death,

Occupy Wall Street and the Billionaire,

Online Degree, Debt-Free,    

Olin Levi Warner,   

Occupy Wall Street: Social Change or Passing Phase?,

Obama’s Gitmo Feint,    

Obama: Cut MSNBC Budget

Obama and Harry Truman

O.D. Heck One Year Later

O.D. Heck and My Brother Everett

New York Power Authority for Long Island Common Sense Solution to a Complex Problem

The New York City Pipe Bomber

NSA Speech:Clumsy Dodge

Not Kathleen Rice for Congress

Update #2 on the 2012 Election

Newt Gingrich: A PhD in What??

New York’s Heck of a Job

LFTR: A Better Nuclear?

Let’s Not Replay 2000: Nader Was Wrong

Mother Courage and Her Children, in Libya

The Most Famous Man in America

Miley, as Everydaughter

Life, in Context

Letchworth Village, A Cautionary Tale

Leave My Beagle Alone

Kindergarten Derby

Kiara, Abused and Rehabilitated

Kelly, Outside the Law

Jean-Louis Hamon

In the Words of Adam Smith

Huma and Hillary

Harrington’s LIPA Focus

A Debt Of History: Haiti, France and the U.S. Haiti Never Had a Chance

Gerrymandered Children

Gaspar de Crayer

Free Food–But First..

Foreclosure Fatalities

Eugenics; Syphilis; SOPA

A Critique of Elliott Abrams: The Settlement Obsession in Foreign Affairs Magazine

Drunk on the Euphoria of Shared Purpose

City of God by E.L. Doctorow

Medical Ethics and the Disabled


An Enlightened Citizenry is Democracy’s Best Defense

Cyprus and Corporatism

Compromising or Succumbing?


Clint Eastwood Delivers

Classroom Technology

Cancer and Segregation: An Argument for Affirmative Action

Cain’s Intimidation Double Down

By the People?

Brokaw’s Redemption?

Bread and Circus

Boehner, Nader and Kohlhaas Politics

Bigelow and Torture PR

Bedrock Principles: The 4th Amendment and Parallel Construction

Barbara Enright

Autism/Empathy Myth: Autism Reality

Autism and Theory of the Mind(ToM)

Assassination by Drone

Asperger’s Hysteria

Arbitrary War Morality: Selective Outrage on the Path to War

A. G. Moore

A Voice of Conscience

A Reasonable Court

Newspeak: A Rat Is Not An Animal

A Melting Polar Ice Cap

The 4th Amendment and NYC

21st Century Poor Laws

“Feral” Cats in Winter


Snowden’s Ironic Refuge

Puggy, Love Was not Enough    

Prosecutors Unbound

Rachel Jeantel Speaks: Community and Language

Online Degree, Debt-Free

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