A. G. Moore

Writing is a solitary occupation, and yet it is among the most social of endeavors.  While the writer works alone, the words produced are sent out to the world in the hope of finding an audience. There is a kind of madness that all writers share, especially those who have not yet found their audience. The work proceeds, buoyed often by nothing more than determination and ideas.

A. G. Moore writes books, stories, blogs, tweets, essays. She finds the exercise of framing a thought carefully to be a medium for intellectual growth and personal understanding.  Crafting a piece fastidiously often leads her from a place of unfounded assumption to one of informed clarity. Research is always part of the process, as is deliberation and a struggle to find the truth.

As this website reflects, her interests are wide-ranging. She is a student of history, a passionate supporter of animal rights, and an unflagging advocate for child welfare. She is a willing student of almost any subject, but draws the line at the spurious and injurious.

While writing is a rewarding exercise in itself for Ms. Moore, she retains the hope that the torrent of words that spill from her keyboard will find a small patch of fertile ground and somewhere take root to have a positive impact on the world.