Woman Writing public by_August_Macke,_1910
Woman Writing, by August Macke, 1910
January 25, 2018

I’ve been away for months.  As some who are familiar with me know, I’ve had lupus for more than twenty years.  As a matter of fact, my first book was called, A Lupus Handbook: These Are the Faces of Lupus.   From time to time I am reminded that lupus can influence my life.  That happened in the fall.  A family event triggered a flare and I conserved energy on my way back from that.  I stopped reviewing books and blogging.  Writing, though, and editing, continued at a gentle pace.

Along with the sense that months of productive activity have been lost, there’s the realization that I need to use my time with a greater appreciation of its finite nature (I know, I know,  Einstein changed all of that, but I cling to a Newtonian perspective).  I’m going to write books that matter to me.  I may review books, but only those I choose from recreational and research reading.   I will blog, but only on subjects that matter to me.  And I will continue to try to express my thoughts by using visual arts.  This is a new frontier I explore with joy.

Over the next weeks and months I hope to write about ideas that interest readers.  I look forward to a dialogue.

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